Pete Jones photographs banknotes. In his travels through the world, he looks at what 's behind the money. This creates works that refocus the viewer's attention and reinterpret the meaning of money.

MAKRO MONEY brings things to light that you do not notice in everyday contact with the banknotes. Tiny details, exotic landscapes, political and historical events, important personalities, kings and despots or colorful fish. 

Through his unprecedented way of looking at banknotes his work can take us on historical journeys to places which no longer exist, show us magical juxtapositions in nature and culture and highlight the multifaceted beauty of money. 

Warm welcome to the world of `MAKRO MONEY - THE BEAUTIFUL APPEARENCE`.

Triptych: FAITH | LOVE | HOPE
Triptych: FAITH | LOVE | HOPE

"To consider money purely in economic terms is – in my opinion – too narrow a view."  Pete Jones