Can you tell us something about "DIE SAMMLUNG JONES"?

I like streetphotographing, usually that kind of stuff you don`t find in TV or glossy magazines and I´m a freelence TV cameraman working for the international news agency ThomsonReuters. That means fast shootings, fast editings and travelling a lot - a perfect job for collecting public scenes. Markus is a designer in print and communication with his own office: atelier himmelbraun and he is a passionate cyclist and guitarplayer. Pete is born as an artist and he starts as a musician. He retires from music business and starts filming. Followed by fortunate coincidance of cicumstances, we launched the online stage for music, photo and videos named: 'Die Sammlung Jones'. We try to publish regulary 'artistic' releases.

What kind of technique do you use?

We are not very interested in discussions about highend fotocameras or sophisticated technical equipment or software. I work with smartphones, toy cameras, consumer cameras just as Canon, Leica, Fuji, Panasonic or TV Cameras. If it`s possible I don´t use any flashes or crop pictures. It must come easily, but of course light is crucial in photography.

 ... like the "Makro Money" project ?

Right, you need a lot of light! Pete`s brilliant work as a photographer, he was anoid about the never ending discussion about crises, Euros, Dollars, Yen and the stockmarkets. He took some extreme close up`s from Paper Money and Coins - to show how much history, beauty, information and how many accurate detaills can be found on money. Because of the use of the macro lens parts get enlighted and other parts disappear in the blur, I think that shows how money works. Makro Money is about faith, power, art and crime ... Through his unprecedented way of looking at banknotes his work can take us on historical journeys to places which no longer exist, show us magical juxtapositions in nature and culture and highlight the multifaceted beauty of money.

Do you sell prints?

Yes, we do sell prints. For collectors limited fine art prints.


Lomographie, Hipstamatic, Polaroid etc - I´m really happy, because nowadays you can do all these kind of different pictures with just one machine - your Smartphone. I like these fast shootings and this authenticity thrash look without using photoshop. This third book is the conclusion of the fotobook trilogy, it`s about time, deceleration, modern art, coincidence and fate, and the images are the continuity of that story. We are happy to get involved with John S. – Welcome in the Jones Family! With his new acquisition you can call him on his camera.

Facebook and Twitter?

Banksy said: "Please don’t follow me on facebook or twitter because I’m not on there." He is absolutely right!

Who is Pete Jones?
It`s a funny story ... Pete`s Grandpa's first name was Johann and Peter was the first name of the bass players grandpa. Both of them support the master project - convert a barn in the backyard into the first rehearsal room for their boys - very hard. For that reason, the boys thought it would be perfect to put the Grandpa`s names on the first tour poster as a punk rock band. 'Peter Johann präsentiert' was written on top of them. As time went by, they converted the name to the english version: 'Pete Jones presents'. The grandfathers are gone by now, but their names, ideas and way of looking at things are still alive.


Thank You